Mooze has been given yet another accolade from The Three Drinkers website, of being in the top 10 gifts for a low alcohol drink.

Mooze is distilled by award winners, only using natural ingredients and with just one preservative to keep it fresh. There are 88 crisp cucumbers in each batch.

Just 4% alc for a delicious drink, when mixed as a third Mooze and two thirds mixer. Sugar & Sweetener Free, mix it with tonic or substitute Mooze into cocktails instead of higher alcohol Gin or Vodka. Also perfect for the Designate Driver so they don’t feel as if they are missing out! Have yourself a Hangover Free Festive season.

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A great concept from founder Mel Sims, this is a much lower alcohol (and therefore calorie) gin than the usual suspects of around 40% ABV. It does a great job at keeping the mouthfeel, crispness and botanical flavour of a full proof gin too and is a perfect way to be a little more mindful about your consumption. It’s also vegan, sugar and sweetener free so all in all, that’s 36 calories for a double Mooze & Tonic compared to 154 for a regular double G&T plus less of a hangover. Win-win.

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