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About Mooze 12%


Having ‘a couple’ of drinks every evening, made me feel bloated and irritable. I searched for a Delicious Lower Calorie Spirit with no unwelcome hangovers, but there was nothing on the market. Introducing our creation – Mooze 12%

Mel Sims


Mooze 12% – The Crisp, Lower Calorie, Botanical Spirit for Gin Drinkers

There are always occasions involving alcohol, but if I wanted a night off, as I don’t like sugary drinks or high calorie mocktails, I never knew what to drink instead. In Lockdown I realised I didn’t want to give up completely but make a change. As I didn’t drink Low Alcohol Beer, what was I supposed to drink as a Wine/G&T drinker? I was not alone it turns out. The booze market is very binary and we need CHOICE to be more healthy or to moderate our calories and units. Why were there so many alternative food options on the market for slimmers, but not drinks? Why do we have to give up completely or just compromise?

In Lockdown, my long time friend, Mo and I, had the idea to create a delicious distilled alternative, created in the same way as Gin, by International Award Winners. 1/3 of the strength and calories at just 12%, not Gin’s 37.5%. Mooze 12% is still strong enough to feel like a real G&T but allows you to stay alert and not pile on boozy pounds. Those friends who encourage you to drink with them, will have no idea you are making a lifestyle choice but might wonder why you feel fine the next day and they feel tired and hungover.

Creating Mooze 12% and making this change, my skin looked better, I dropped 2 dress sizes and lost 8 pounds in 3 months, by changing nothing else but swapping in Mooze 12%. Yes, I still drink wine when I want too. Considering, I always walked lots and watched what I ate, I had ignored the fact I been drinking the equivalent calories of 1 or 2 chocolate pancakes, along with my evening meal, since my 20’s.

Mooze 12% is the ideal choice for people who want to drink and enjoy themselves, but not pile on the pounds, without any compromise on taste. At just 18 calories per pour, you can choose to drink smarter and say goodbye to tedious hangovers. 49% of UK adults actually want to drink less but what instead?

11 x Mooze 12% * and slimline tonic is the equivalent alcohol and calories to 1 large glass of wine or 1 pint of beer so it is NO Brainer to buy a bottle for home and to take to parties – but everyone will want to try it! Remember, a 12% bottle of wine is the same calories & alcohol as a whole bottle of Mooze 12% which you obviously dilute with tonic, according to your taste buds. Cheers to Moderation!


I loved the fresh notes and flavours and have been recommending loads to those who want a low calorie G&T 

Heidi Cripps


Mooze 5

Purchased 2 bottles as pressies, however temptation got too much and had to try some myself. Probably had a few, but didn’t require stiff coffee this morning! Gorgeous, great taste, highly recommended. Cheers

Paul Kennedy



The 12% Lower Calorie Botanical Spirit for perfect G&Ts, distilled by Dr John & his team of Gin experts