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About Mooze


I feel bloated and foggy. I want to drink less alcohol but I need a good alternative, when I finish for the day.

June 2020


Lockdown 1

Mooze Drink 2
Mooze Drink 3

To be honest, I had been saying it for years, but there was always another reason to drink, even if it meant I didn’t have to drink the alternative cola/fizzy drinks.

I didn’t see myself as an alcoholic, 2 glasses of wine a night maybe and I hadn’t drunk to be drunk for decades. The fact that I was lost if there was no Sauvignon Blanc in the fridge, glass in my hand at 7pm, meant it was time to get into Mindful Drinking and take back control.

I lost 6 pounds in 3 months, by changing nothing else but substituting what I was drinking and I still had the odd glass of wine. I had been drinking the equivalent of 1 or 2 chocolate pancakes along with my dinner!

Mooze…. a better alternative

Mooze Drink 6

Being Brave ...

In March 2020 the unforgiving Covid 19 landed on our doorsteps and changed everything.

The Pandemic was indiscriminating, it wrecked lives, businesses and any plans we had. It was a total leveller and quite frankly, there was nowhere to hide or anywhere to go – as everything was closed down.

My amazing Essex business, a unique wooden play centre and foodie haven for families (think lots of stressed mamas who need nurturing) all stopped when, like millions of other businesses, we were told to shut. The hospitality industry was a mess. I was heartbroken, so I drank more Booze.

A Kinder Drink..

Fortunately, with my newly discovered ADHD, let’s call it my Superpower and my best friend of many new moons Mo, we set out to solve the problem for ourselves and hopefully many others.

Mooze means there is no excuse anymore for those people who want to reduce their drinking without there being any compromise on taste. 11 x Mooze* is equivalent to 1 large glass of wine or pint of beer.

Lower in calories and alcohol units, be kinder to yourself with that glass in your hand.


loved the fresh notes and flavours have been recommending loads to those who want a less synfull drink this Christmas

Heidi Cripps


Dec 2020

Mooze 5

Purchased 2 bottles as Xmas pressies, however last evening temptation got too much and had to try some myself. Probably had one too many but didn’t require stiff coffee this morning! Gorgeous, great taste, highly recommended. Cheers

Paul Kennedy


Dec 2020


The 12% AltGin that helps you moderate your drinking
but does not leave you feeling left out