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Low in Calories

At just 18 Cals a pour Mooze 12% is 10 times less than a glass of wine with over 200 cals! Mix Mooze 12% with slimline tonic and ice for a Crisp G&T

Low in Alcohol

At just 0.3 units a glass (25ml) Mooze 12% helps you to easily keep within the recommended 14 units a week which equals 46 x Mooze 12% G&T's

Healthier Choice

Gluten Free, Vegan, Lactose Free, No Sugar,
No Sweeteners, Hangover and Guilt Free. Delivered to you in Sustainable Packaging.


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Happy Customers.......

  • 6th December 2020
    I couldn’t tell the difference between this and a full-calorie gin. Lovely 🙂
  • 8th December 2020
    What a find! I love a G&T but in my old age it makes me sleepy and sometimes a b… Read More
  • 8th December 2020
    Purchased 2 bottles as Xmas pressies, however last evening temptation got too mu… Read More