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“MOOZE is the Perfect Drink for when you don’t want to get Rat-Arsed” (The Three Drinkers)

MOOZE 12% is a crisp, lower alcohol botanical spirit, distilled by international award winners in Essex, filling the gap for when you want to drink, but less units and calories.

Mooze contains 6 delicious Botanicals: Juniper, Cucumber, Orange, Clementine Zest, Coriander and Macadamia Nut.

Mooze has a fresh, fragrant Cucumber aroma on the nose and glorious, crisp taste on the palate. It tastes surprisingly strong for 12% and has real depth and layering.

It’s made in the same way as making a Gin and contains Juniper, but because it is not 37.5% we respect that we cannot call it a Gin; so we just call it Mooze 12%.

“Whilst the recommended weekly amount is 14 units – 6 pints a week or 10 small glasses of wine, many people are drinking far higher levels, innocently. I was seeking a way of Moderating my Drink Units, not Cutting it Out completely. I know I am not alone and many people are not out to ditch alcohol completely.  They just want less. 

There only seems to be the 2 extremes on the market, no/low alcohol alternatives and the higher, standard choices. There was nothing in the middle, so, I decided to solve the problem and create that unique, healthier choice. In Lockdown ashamedly, I was drinking 50 units some weeks out of stress, boredom and home-schooling. I don’t even drink 14 units now.”


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    I couldn’t tell the difference between this and a full-calorie gin. Lovely 🙂
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"During Lockdown, I downloaded the DrinkAware App and realised I was sometimes drinking 45 units a week (14 is recommended amount) and 600 calories a day on 2 G&T's and a glass of Wine.

Now switching to Mooze, I drink 2 a night, with tonic, which is just 4 or 5 units per week and each glass is just 18 calories.
I feel much better now and my jeans fit "

Mel, Founder of Mooze