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Mooze Drink - 12% Alternative Gin, 18 Cals a Glass

"Mooze Drink helped me lose weight"

Ever been on a diet and felt like you were missing out when your friends came around for a party or when it was your turn to drive?  If you drink Mooze you will still have that mouth feel when drinking alcohol, so you feel like you are not missing out. However you will be consuming less calories and units in your low alcoholic drink.

11, yes 11 glasses of Mooze at 25ml is the same alcoholic units as 1 large glass of wine or a pint of beer and let’s be honest, one drink is not going to last you a night.

Our Mooze drink tastes just the same as Gin and is distilled in the same way but it is an alternative as not the traditional 37.5%. Our award winning distiller uses copper pots, but Mooze has just over a third of the calories. It still has 12% alcohol in it and a double with a slimline tonic is just 36 cals versus 126 cals for regular Gin.

One of our favourite ways to drink Mooze is simple and unfussy. Simply add a good quality slimline tonic, a slice of lime and cucumber and pour it over ice for a very refreshing crisp drink.

Bartenders have mixed Mooze into cocktails and replaced traditional Gin with our Mooze drink with very little difference to the taste. Check out our cocktail pages for more Mooze cocktail ideas for your low alcohol drinks. 

Can you lose weight if you drink Mooze? Well, all being constant ie your exercise outtake or food intake, but you substitute your current alcoholic drink with our low alcohol Mooze drink, then  then there is no reason not to.

A double G&T is the same calories as a chocolate pancake – so a few of those pancakes per evening, plus your evening meal is bound to make your calorific levels high. So if you want to moderate them, then Swap some of your alcoholic drinks to Mooze.

But be aware you have enough of our Mooze drink in, as when your friends find out about this alcoholic, low calorie drink, they will all want to try some – so with Christmas festivities approaching we are offering multiple discounts of 10% when you order more than 1. 


Mooze Drink

Mooze Drink is the way forwards!

If you have decided to cut down on your drink for whatever reasons: Health, Home, Work, Messy Relationship with Booze etc. then how many times have you wished there were more exciting no/low options available when you fancy a drink? Something cool, rewarding and crisp, to draw a line between the day/evening or the working week/weekend ahead?

Deciding your health needs a drinking MOT is all very well and good, if interesting alternatives exist. But if they don’t, you will probably revert back to traditional booze. Or you might just keep away from certain situations ie stop going to the pub or turn down drinks.

Not that many years ago, the alternative to boozing was making do with a flat coke, lime & soda, fruit juice or watery tasting cocktail. Not much fun.

However. there are many new, tasty ‘no alcohol’ alternatives on the market nowadays, many of which we have been lucky to try, but we wanted more, a low alcohol drink that we could serve at G&T time. Over lockdown we designed a Botanical Gin Alternative that had some alcohol in it, less than normal at 12%, but it still gives you that kick and that mouth feel in a Mooze drink. 

A drink of Mooze satisfies a new generation of people who want to sometimes cut down their units or calories, but not compromise on taste. Moderate or mindful drinkers (using the words of Club Soda), need better alternatives. Those pubs and restaurants that get behind this reality of alternative options will fare better. as people will seek out venues those that offer no/low alternatives . 

Mooze Drink is made by Award Winning Distillers

In June 2020 founder Mel Sims, realised that she was growing bored of drinking so much during Lockdown and wanted a crisp, Gin alternative drink that contained some alcohol but lower levels. Wanting to work with local suppliers, she approached an award winning Distillers in Essex with small copper pots and set them to work on realising Mooze, her low alcohol botanical drink at just 12%. Mooze is a drink made with 6 botanical flavours, fresh, clear with a subtle cucumber flavour. It is sugar and sweetener free, perfect for vegans. Our packaging is sustainable. The rest is history.