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About Mooze 12%

Mooze 12% – The Crisp, Lower Calorie, Botanical Spirit for Gin Drinkers


A fragrant Juniper & Cucumber blend


Refreshing Cucumber & Citrus notes


Smooth, strong botanicals with dry notes in the background

What do you drink, as a Wine/Gin drinker, if you want to moderate & not give up completely?

This was my dliemma. Personally, I don’t like sugary drinks or drink beer (unfortunately as the Lighter Beer choice is great), but I never knew what to drink instead, so carried on drinking more than I wanted. I was not alone it turns out, as 49% of the UK Population want to drink less. 

The booze market is too polarised – You drink or you abstain and yet there are so many of us who want to drink on occasions, but less. To be healthier we need CHOICE. Interestingly, there are many alternative food options on the market for Slimmers, but not alcoholic drinks? Why do we have to give up completely or keep drinking as we cannot find good replacements? Well now you don’t.

Long time friend, Mo and I, had the idea to create a delicious botanically distilled alternative, created in the same way as Gin, by International Award Winners in East Anglia. 1/3 of the strength and calories at just 12%, not Gin’s 37.5%. Our G&Ts allow you to stay alert and not pile on boozy pounds, 3 of our G&Ts is the same as a regular one. 

Those friends who encourage you to drink might wonder why you have no Hangover like them.

Making this simple change, my skin looked better, I dropped 2 dress sizes and lost 8 pounds in 3 months, by simply swapping in Mooze 12%. I always exercised and watched what I ate, but I had no idea I had been drinking the equivalent calories of 1 or 2 chocolate pancakes since my 20’s. 

This is based on 25ml Mooze 12% & 200ml slimline Tonic which is around 1 unit. 

Mooze 5


The 12% Lower Calorie Botanical Spirit for perfect G&Ts, distilled by Dr John & his team of Gin experts